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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prank sparks panic mid-flight

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The Galaxy Note 7 is continuing to cause trouble months after its recall, with the latest incident involving a prankster on a Virgin Airlines flight who decided to spark panic mid-flight. The passenger apparently did so by renaming his device’s Wi-Fi hotspot to Galaxy Note 7_1097.

Samsung’s fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 was banned from flights earlier this year, so the presence of one would naturally bring about an emergency situation due to the danger it could pose. According to the BBC, the crew asked the person with the handset to step forward but was met with no response.

Twitter user Lucas Wojciechowski claims the flight attendants then proceeded to warn passengers that they would switch on the lights and search everyone’s bag until they found the Galaxy Note 7. The captain of the flight apparently chimed in later by threatening to divert and search the plane if nobody fessed up.

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The prankster supposedly decided to come forward after the warnings, confessing that there was no Galaxy Note 7 onboard and he had just renamed his SSID wireless device’s name to Samsung Galaxy Note 7_1097. No action was reportedly taken against him. As per iMore’s Serenity Caldwell, the drama apparently delayed and cancelled several other flights.

One Twitter user responded to Wojciechowski’s tweets by pointing out that the entire incident may have been an accident. He posted a screenshot of his own Wi-Fi hotspot name which remained Galaxy Note 7 in spite of switching from the exploding handset to the Galaxy S7.

Moreover, Virgin America is dismissing reports that flights were cancelled or delayed. It told TechnoBuffalo that there was no Galaxy Note 7 onboard in this particular case without going into details of the circumstances.