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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners to get Galaxy S8 for free

Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept
Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept

Samsung loyalists have had a tough go of it recently, what with the worldwide recall of the Galaxy Note 7 causing them to question their faith in the brand. The company itself is going into overdrive trying to retain their business, cooking up a scheme wherein steadfast owners of the exploding phone get a Galaxy S8 for free.

This surprising bit of news comes straight out of South Korea. Samsung has apparently announced a brand new compensation program for harried Galaxy Note 7 users who’ve had to go through the hell of 2 recalls within the span of a few months.

As per the report, people who hand in their Galaxy Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge will be rewarded with the Galaxy S8 for free or a nominal amount. Company officials supposedly said that the new initiative is meant to make it easier for people who stuck with the brand to upgrade to its upcoming model next year.

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They believe the program could be an effective one as it also provides some incentives to smartphone vendors. The plan might just appeal to the millions of people who put their trust in the brand, although it would involve yet another round of swapping their handset for another one. They probably won’t have to do so till March 2017 though, since that’s when the Galaxy S8 is supposed to arrive.

Importantly for Samsung, this move may help it shore up high sales figures for its next flagship. The upcoming device will have a lot of pressure on it when it does come out. It’s expected to carry around high-end specs like dual cameras, 4K resolution display, and VR-ready capabilities to support Google’s Daydream platform.