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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 reportedly sports a massive 6GB of RAM

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Galaxy S7 has been the center of most Samsung-related leaks for a few months now, but with the launch of the handset only a week away speculation about the Galaxy Note 6 has now begun. A Weibo user has posted quite a few details about the handset online, revealing some massive potential upgrades.

First off, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 may pack 6GB of RAM, 2GB extra than its predecessor. This would definitely help set it apart from other handsets in the market. With even a few affordable phones starting to offer more RAM nowadays, the increase might just help it to appeal to people who want to multi-task smoothly.

6GB of RAM sounds a bit unbelievable though, as most handsets don’t require that much memory to function. However, Samsung itself had made way for such devices to become a reality about 5 months ago when it had announced its new 12Gb LPDDR4 mobile DRAM. The unit allows for 6GB of RAM to fit within the space required for 3GB packages.

This means companies will be able to fit in more RAM without having to make any major design changes. As per SamMobile, the other major change which could be seen in the Galaxy Note 6 is a 5.8-inch RGB AMOLED screen. The previous variant had flaunted a 5.7-inch display.

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The switch to RGB is interesting given Samsung had dropped the feature after the Galaxy S II because it said the screen doesn’t survive long-term. The Weibo post further talks of a thinner display which might result in a bigger battery unit. The front panel is additionally supposed to feature 1024 pressure points, but this could be false since the Note 5 has 2048 pressure points.

Other potential specs which the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 could carry include 64GB and 128GB UFS 2.0 internal room, a 12MP rear camera equipped with OIS and 2 different processors.