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Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Release Date, Rumours, Specs & Leaks

samsung galaxy s20
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Towards the last days of January 2020, the Samsung’s Galaxy S20 was introduced to the world, and this gave us a sneak peek into the possible line that the smartphones that would come from the firm this year would look like.

The Galaxy Note 20 is expected to be the next big device from Samsung that has always given us improved versions of the Galaxy S range, with a better camera and more innovative design.

With Samsung often cramming so much high-end hardware into their Note series over the years, you can expect performance second to none, to the Note 20. This means that playing your favorite games online, whether it’s web browser games at a pay by mobile casino UK site or the demanding gaming apps like Asphalt, Coin Master or Call of Duty Mobile.

The information we have about the new Galaxy Note 20 is given below;

Hardware and Specs

The processors that powered the Galaxy S20 range are most likely going to power the Galaxy Note 20 too, and this will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 or the Samsung Exynos 990, based on the region they are being sold. Nothing lower than 12GB of RAM is expected of the Note 20 and Note 20+, though something bigger may be the case in the plus model just to get to the level of the ultra, or they may decide to offer an ultra-model.

It is also rumored that there would be a drop in the storage size of the Note 20 base model from the 256GB of last year to 128GB. However, it would be better for the specifications of the S20 and Note 20 to be the same.

We also expect batteries that are larger in size for the Note 20 range. There were 4000mAh and 5000mAh in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Note 20 is also expected to get something similar, with the plus model going up to 5000mAh. The charging system is also expected to be of the wireless and reverse wireless method.

Price and Release Date

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The normal date for the launch of the previous phones in the galaxy series has been August. However, they did something unique last year by releasing 3 different sizes for a particular model at the same time. They include the Note 10 and Note 10+ that came at the same time, with the Note 10 Lite that came after a few months. The information we have also stated that the Galaxy Note 20 will come in multiple sizes, with Note 20 and Note 20 Plus billed to be released this year.

The purported release date for the smartphone is August 2020.

So, we are banking on having them release this model in August as they normally do. Also, given recent world events, nobody believes that they would be able to launch the phone until August 2020.

When looking at the possible price of the expected device, there is an expectation that they will start at the same prices that their predecessors arrived or a bit higher. The starting price for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was between £869 and $949, while that of Note 10+ was between £999 and $1099.


samsung galaxy s20 2
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Not much has been sneaked out about the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 for now. However, we expect to get more information in the coming weeks. However, everybody is expecting the new models to be similar to what we have in the Galaxy S20 models, with a few changes as it has been the tradition for Samsung whenever it comes to the Note devices. It was the Note 10 that gave the world the Hole Punch Front Camera at the center before it was adopted in the S20 range.

Of course, the finishing is expected to be top-notch, and there is most likely going to be a waterproof metal frame embedded in between the glass panels. It is likely going to come with a fingerprint sensor, an inbuilt S Pen, and a rear camera housing that stands out. While there are two versions in view, they will come with the same features, but with different sizes. There is also a possibility of a lite model.


samsung galaxy s20 3
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Because the entire Galaxy S20 range came with a 120Hz refresh rate display, an increased refresh speed is expected in the Note 20 range. Of course, the firm has hinted in the past that there would be an improvement on this in the Note 20 model.

The screen display size of the Note 10 was 6.3-inches, that of Note 10+ was 6.8-inches and that of the Note 10 Lite was 6.7-inches. So, in Note 20 devices, something similar is expected, though they are supposed to come with curved edges.

There are also musings of an Under Display Camera, and if this is true, the aim of the Punch Hole Camera would have been defeated.  These, however, are still speculations, and we may even see that feature in just one of the sizes in the model.


samsung galaxy s20 camera
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There is a possibility of improving the software on the S20 range. Of course, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series is expected to be like that of the Galaxy S20 series. So, there is every possibility that the Note 20+ will be coming with the same camera specifications as we have in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, Samsung is expected to add a few new features and innovations in some places. The inspiration for the camera of the Note 20 is also expected to be that of the standard S20.

So, all things being equal, a 12MP ultra-wide and a DepthVision sensor at the back, with a 108MP main sensor, and a 48MP telephoto sensor are expected of the camera of the Note 20+. On the standard Note 20, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor and a DepthVision sensor at the back, a 12MP main sensor, and a 64MP telephoto sensor are also expected, or they may choose to abandon the depth vision feature and deliver the first 3 sensors.