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Samsung’s foldable phone finally makes its debut

Samsung Infinity Flex Display Open
Image Credit: The Verge

Samsung’s finally lifted the veil of mystery surrounding its foldable phone by showing off a prototype on stage at its Developers Conference 2018. It’s not quite the final product, but it’ll at least give you some idea of what the brand is planning.

As per The Verge, Samsung disguised the device and dimmed the lights to protect the design when it was demonstrating the handset on stage. The company said that there’s a device inside the blocky exterior which is “stunning.” It would have been nice if we could have seen this “stunning” smartphone with our own eyes instead of just relying on the brand’s word for it.

Samsung Infinity Flex Display Fold
Image Credit: CNET

There’s a chance Samsung is trying to hide some flaw it doesn’t want the world to see. In any case, it looks like the phone above is still being worked on and the end result should get rid of those thick bezels and boxy design for a slimmer, sleeker look. What should stay intact is the flexible adhesive that glues all the internal parts together, allowing them to fold without incurring any damage.

Samsung Infinity Flex Display

Samsung hasn’t actually named its bendable smartphone yet. It only revealed the name of the panel – the Infinity Flex Display. The elastic OLED screen opens and shuts like a book. CNET reports that the 4.58-inch Cover Display boots up when the product is closed for a phone-like experience, while the 7.3-inch Main Display activates when it’s opened for a tablet-like experience.

Samsung Infinity Flex Display Closed
Image Credit: GSMArena

This way, you’ll get both the portability of a handset and the multitasking capabilities of a tablet. Samsung’s new One UI makes this switch possible, running a specially customized version of Android. It allows up to 3 apps to run simultaneously in tablet mode and keeps content at the bottom half of the screen so it’s easy to access one-handed.

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According to GSMArena, One UI will also be coming to Samsung’s non-foldable smartphones. The brand didn’t say when a flexible Galaxy smartphone is going to hit stores, only announcing that mass production is set to begin in the coming months. It also has plans for rollable, stretchable, in-folding, and out-folding screens.