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Samsung foldable phone to come out in Q3-Q4 2017

samsung foldable smartphone

Samsung’s roadmap for 2017 just got a whole lot more interesting with the arrival of news that the South Korean major plans to launch a foldable phone this year. Specifically, it’s looking at a Q3 or Q4 2017 unveiling according to a Weibo leak.

Unfortunately, the person behind the timeframe didn’t offer any additional information such as the month or date of the launch. However, they did refer to the bendable handset as the Galaxy X. Samsung has reportedly chosen that as the name of its innovative project, internally calling it Project Valley.

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Not much is known about the Galaxy X as of now. It’s widely expected to carry a 4K resolution screen. Previous speculations also attest that it’ll ship with scrolling capabilities and touch areas on the display and edges. It could also take advantage of biometric forms such as face, palm and fingers.

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The 2017 timeline notably falls in line with an earlier report which similarly predicted that Samsung’s foldable phone would be coming out this year. It further alleged that the brand had two version of the smartphone in the works.

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The first of Samsung’s flexible handsets to make its debut might be able to fold inwards and feature two screens connected by a hinge. The other could fold outwards and feature a single OLED display. It may double as a tablet and be the first truly foldable device since the display itself would be twisting.

The second is expected to come out at a later date after Samsung has gauged the market reaction to the first. SamMobile reports that the company is planning to release 5 Galaxy flagship phones this year. We’ll have to wait and see if a bendable Galaxy X is one of them.

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