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Samsung foldable phone to sport flexible 3000mAh+ battery

Samsung Foldable Concept
Image Credit: TechConfigurations

Samsung’s foldable phone may be about to hit mass production, a major step towards it arriving next year on schedule. Meanwhile, industry insiders claim that the brand plans to utilize a flexible battery inside the phone.

It seems Samsung SDI, the company’s battery arm, is in charge of these bendable batteries. It’s been working on them for a long time. The firm managed to produce a prototype of the powerhouse about 4 years ago, but its capacity was only 210mAh back then.

Samsung Foldable Phone Battery Capacity

ITHome now reports that Samsung SDI has bumped up the capacity to 3000mAh – 6000mAh. It’s not clear which capacity the mobile arm will choose for its foldable phone. It’ll probably be on the higher side since it has to power a 7-inch tablet/phone hybrid.

As for the mass manufacturing side of things, Samsung has begun taking the first steps towards this with a trial production of its foldable OLED displays. The pilot line will be worked on in the summer before being improved in the second stage in September after all the problems have been resolved.

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Full-scale production is set to begin by the end of 2018 with a capacity of 100000 units. This number might increase to 1 million units next year. Apparently, when the so-called Galaxy X is folded in half, the screen becomes invisible. Users won’t be able to see details like the time or who’s calling in this position.

ETNews claims that Samsung will allow the panel to fold only about two-thirds of the way for this reason. When it’s bent, the aspect ratio is said to be closer to a rectangle than a square. A previous rumor had asserted that the device would measure 4.5-inch when folded and 7.3-inch when unfolded.