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Samsung foldable display laptop in the works

Samsung Foldable Laptop
Image: Stuffbox News

Samsung is dropping heavy hints that it’s going to launch a foldable phone next month at its annual Developer Conference. Turns out, the brand is not stopping at just flexible handsets. It’s also working on bendable laptops.

This is something which hasn’t really been discussed as a possibility till now. Samsung itself teased this innovation at an event for its latest laptop, the Flash. Lee Min-cheol, the company’s vice president of marketing for PCs, told reporters at the event in South Korea that it’s developing new form factors for laptops, including one with a foldable display.

Samsung Foldable Laptop Speculation

It’s all part of Samsung’s overall aim to innovate computers the way smartphones are constantly being refreshed. The laptop market has stagnated over the past years. This could be a way to jolt the sector awake, as long as it turns out to be a useful innovation and not a random gimmick.

As reported by The Korea Herald, Samsung is collaborating with various display makers to make laptops with foldable screens. These devices are apparently going to fold inwards and outwards, creating new user experiences in the process. The devices are set to feature large AMOLED panels. This makes sense since AMOLED is more flexible than other materials.

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There are already plenty of convertible laptops in the market which can contort themselves into various positions so they function as a tablet, laptop, or tent. These rely on a flexible hinge to move about. A completely foldable laptop could raise interesting new possibilities since it won’t be restricted by a physical hinge.

Unlike its foldable phone, Samsung is keeping exact details about its foldable laptop close to its chest. It didn’t mention or show off any prototypes. It didn’t even confirm when we can expect this flexible PC.