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Samsung finally lets users disable the Bixby button

Samsung Bixby Button

Samsung’s dedicated Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 hasn’t won many admirers, with most people highlighting it as one of the big drawbacks of the phones. The manufacturer appears to have heard their complaints since it’s finally releasing an update that disables the hardware.

The latest Bixby version features a new toggle at the top of Bixby Home or inside Bixby Settings that presents owners with 2 options regarding the key. One would be to continue on as they are by allowing a press to trigger Bixby Home and a long press to activate Bixby Voice. The other stops the button from opening anything.

The latter will be a welcome choice for the scores of users who’ve accidentally pressed the Bixby button when they want to adjust the volume or just grip the Galaxy S8. Still, it would have been nice if the hardware could be remapped to open up another app instead of just existing.

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Several third-party apps actually popped up after the Galaxy S8’s launch which allowed owners to do just that. However, Samsung blocked these apps by releasing a system update that changed the way Bixby worked.

Samsung could theoretically allow people to remap Bixby, but is unlikely to so do since it wants to push forward its AI assistant. Owners didn’t have any choice in the matter till now, so at least the company is aware that not everyone wants a virtual AI to help them in their daily life.

SamMobile notes that the implementation appears to be random as of now, with some getting the new toggle and others not reveiving it even after updating. It’ll probably hit everyone over time, so you might have to be patient.