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Samsung Files Patent For Galaxy Watch Featuring Built-In Projector

samsung logo 2 Samsung is reportedly working on a Galaxy Watch, which will be equipped with a built-in projector.

The tech giant has filed a smartwatch-related patent which mentioned “a projection display on a side portion of the housing and configured to display information on a display area adjacent to the housing”, reports Sam Mobile.

This might indicate that the Galaxy Watch’s projector can mirror the main screen on an adjacent surface.

The filing further said that “projection display may display information that is different from the information displayed on the display module.”

The diagrams on the patent also showed a number of lenses and LEDs aligned in two rows that are expected to allow for an undistorted projection of the image via the built-in projector on the watch.

However, users might need to have their wrist perfectly straight for the image to be properly displayed.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Samsung Electronics and Natural Cycles had announced a partnership to bring advanced temperature-based menstrual cycle tracking capabilities to the Galaxy Watch5 series.

The new skin temperature-based cycle tracking capabilities will be available on Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro within the second quarter in 32 markets. The feature is yet to be announced for the Indian market.