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Samsung DV300F DualView camera launched with Wi-Fi in tow

Samsung DV300F DualView camera 1

The newly launched Samsung DV300F DualView camera is here to back all those social networking folks who keep themselves busy snapping and uploading images whenever possible. Besides expanding the DualView lineup, this snapper arrives with additional features for ardent photographers to mull over.

Sporting a smooth chassis, the gadget is drenched in a range of shimmering metallic hues such as mock black, navy, red and silver. Being true to its DualView tag, it’s complete with a 1.5-inch front facing LCD screen. The front LCD screen has been embedded into the body in a manner which makes it virtually invisible when switched off. This 16MP camera boasts of 5x optical zoom and a 25mm wide angle lens for capturing images. Other features read out to be a visual Self Timer that makes clicking self portraits easy as well as a Child mode which features an animation to keep children focused.

“Our aim is to continually be at the forefront of innovation and maintain our leadership within the DualView market, pioneered by Samsung,” states Myoung Sup Han, senior vice president and head of digital imaging business, Samsung. “The new DV300F model is the embodiment of this goal. This latest model with the DualView LCD, Wi-Fi connectivity, ultra premium styling and the latest creative features, demonstrates Samsung’s unwavering commitment to innovation within the digital compact camera market, as well as our ability to consistently meet the needs of our customers.”

Samsung DV300F DualView camera 2

The Samsung DV300F DualView camera’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity facilitates sharing of images vie e-mail or uploading them to sites like Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and YouTube. If photographers intend to keep their images personal, then they can make use of the Auto PC Backup function to wirelessly transfer images stored on the camera’s microSD card onto a desktop at home. The onboard effects reveal Magic Frame and Picture-in-Picture Shot along with an interesting Motion Photo feature which freezes everything around the moving object in a frame for users wanting to experiment with their photography skills.

The Samsung DV300F DualView camera price reads out to be $199.