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Samsung DA-E750 audio dock employs vacuum tube technology

Samsung DA-E750 01

The Samsung DA-E750 audio dock that was introduced back at the CES in January, is all set to hit availability status in the UK as well as Korea. The device will continue its globetrotting escapade and will soon be released in a number of other regions.

This dual-docking system is compliant with the Samsung Galaxy mobile gadgets as well as the iDevices, which can either be connected wirelessly or docked for the purpose of streaming music. The natural sound reproduction from this wireless audio gear can be attributed to the vacuum tube amplifier technology that claims to be more efficient than transistors utilized in the conventional systems.

“The DA-E750 is a world-class audio system that underscores Samsung’s commitment to extend its strong leadership in the premium market. As audio is an integral part of the overall home entertainment experience, we’re proud to provide consumers around the world with superior sound quality that can be enjoyed in the home,” stated Ja-ik Koo, Vice President of Visual Display Business.

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Moreover, its digital amplifier teams up with the 2.1 channel woven glass fiber speakers and the integrated subwoofer to render 100 watts of clear audio. While music from the Galaxy devices is streamed through AllShare, it extends support to AirPlay for iOS gadgets. Other smartphones and tablets can be paired via Bluetooth 3.0. And that’s not all, MP3, WMA and WAV files can directly be played via thumb drives, HDDs or music players with a little assistance from its USB port.

There seems to be some confusion regarding the Samsung DA-E750 price, but it is tagged at around $699.99. The docking system will be made available in Korea and the UK from June 18.