Samsung Costume, An External Hard Drive For Women Being Developed

Samsung Costume Drive

Normally gadgets for women are colored in pink and gadgets for men are rugged. Surprisingly, this 2.5-inch external hard drive made especially for women employs black colored exterior and yet possesses feminine look.

Costume, a 2.5-inch external hard drive for women is developed by Samsung and Joongoo Lee. Wrapped in piano black colored glossy body, the drive possesses stylish look. Apparently, it is inspired by a design of ladies’ make-up compact.

Further it is expected to feature a USB 2.0 port. Apart from this no information on the attributes of the Costume is available.

The Samsung Costume drive is yet at the concept stage, hence it would be too early to know the pricing and availability. However, we hope to see this trendy and stylish hard drive soon in the market.