Samsung announces Blue Phase, a 240Hz LCD Panel

Samsung Blue Phase

Samsung has showcased the world’s first “Blue Phase” LCD panel. The new development offers more natural moving images with an unprecedented image-driving speed of 240 Hertz.

Unlike most LCD panels, the Blue Phase does not require liquid crystal alignment layers. This new Blue Phase mode is capable of making its own alignment layers and hence eliminates the need of any mechanical alignment and rubbing processes.

Samsung is planning to unveil a 15-inch model of its Blue Phase LCD panel at the SID (Society for Information Display) 2008 international Symposium.

Moreover, Blue Phase panels reduce the possibility of bruising the LCD panel interface resulting into uniform brightness.

Executive Vice President Souk Jun-hyung, the head of LCD Business’ Display R&D Center said, “Our Blue Phase mode is a major evolutionary development beyond conventional liquid crystal modes. Samsung’s development of the technology provides a tremendous opportunity to move image quality of LCD screens much closer to that of a real moving image.”

Furthermore, Samsung claims that overdrive circuits are currently applied to each LCD panel to improve the video image quality in premium LCD TVs, which are driven at 120Hz.

Samsung is expected to begin mass production of Blue Phase LCD in 2011.