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Samsung 8GB Galaxy Player pinned on Amazon’s pre-order list

Samsung Galaxy Player

With frosty dawning of the New Year, manufacturers from the technological sphere seem to be deeming over simmering consumers’ gizmo list. After seizing a tidbit for music enthusiasts last week, our cagey senses have just been cognized with some more details on Samsung’s sizzling music player. Yes, the super stylish Samsung Galaxy Player has finally made its way to Amazon’s online store for pre-order.

Currently up for pre-order at the Amazon UK, the iPod competitor functions on the Android 2.1 operating system and has braced its belts to make an appearance at CES 2011. Dressed to kill, the highly elegant music player features a 3.2-inch wide touchscreen display, a virtual keyboard, an expandable microSD card slot, and support for numerous Android applications.

The solution also enables users to drag and play any multimedia files and share their favorite content by utilizing its integrated DNLA technology. Not only this, a multitude of entrancing attributes has been embedded as well.

The new Samsung 8 gigabyte Galaxy Player can now be pre-ordered for £149.99 through Amazon UK.