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Samsung 46-inch transparent LCD panel shows up

Samsung Transparent LCD Panel 1

The all new Samsung 46-inch transparent LCD panel is the Korean manufacturer’s second offering in the transparent display market. The LCD in question is scheduled to enter mass production within this month itself, as announced by the company.

The 46-inch transparent LCD display proffers a contrast ratio of 4,500:1 for enhanced quality and it’s built to be employed in commercial sectors. Said to feature a 70 percent color gamut, it delivers resolutions of 1,366 x 768 pixels. The panel’s potential applications include commercial freezer doors, platform doors of subway stations and product showcases. Additionally, it can also be used in information windows, medical equipment, e-signage and e-boards amongst other systems in the concerned sectors.

Younghwan Park, senior vice president of LCD marketing, Device Solutions, Samsung, states, “Transparent panels, an exciting application of next-generation display technology, have unlimited potential to change our viewing habits over the next several years. As a strong supporter of the transparent display market, Samsung plans to develop this technology into a new growth engine for our LCD business.”

Samsung Transparent LCD Panel 2

The company’s first plunge into the same market saw it bring out a 22-inch transparent LCD which is currently being employed in jewelry and luxury goods as well as mobile devices sectors. Samsung insists that it is the screen’s display quality, compact form factor and low power consumption capabilities which make it commercially viable for the arenas it is being deployed in.

There has been no word on the Samsung 46-inch transparent LCD panel release date and price, but considering that the company is going to begin production this month, it may not be long before the aforementioned details are made available.

Posted 2 years ago