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RTX DUALphone 3088 – First PC-less Cordless Skype Phone

RTX Standalone Cordless Skype Phone Skypestyle.com has launched a cordless skype phone through which you can make a Skype call or normal landline call without the need of a computer. Called RTX DualPhone 3008, it apparently is the first of its kinds.

How to use the RTX DualPhone 3088:

According to the press text, you just need to simply plug the base station into the router and telephone line. However most probably you would have to fiddle with the setup menu to tell the phone your skype id and password.

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The base station and charging dock are split. This way you do not have to charge your phone where the router is. This is surely an extremely positive feature of the product, as routers tend to be placed in dark corners at the house, some place maybe where your old love letters are hidden.

The LCD display of the RTX Standalone Cordless Skype Phone shows your Skype friends/buddies who are online.

It has an operating time of more than 10 hours of talk time and up to 140 hours at standby and is available to buy from today and from the Skype shop from 1 December. The DUALphone is priced from £99.

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