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Rovio Amazing Alex hits iTunes, Google Play

Rovio Amazing Alex

Another physics-based puzzle from the makers of Angry Birds, dubbed Rovio Amazing Alex, has been introduced for the Android and iOS platforms. The game is available for free through Google Play, while app stores of both the aforementioned platforms now stock up on the paid version. It will be released for other operating systems like Windows Phone, Mac and Windows too.

This game tags along more than 100 challenging levels spread across 4 different locations. With the assistance of 35 interactive objects and numerous toys, players can come up with multiple creative solutions for every puzzle. These challenges include tasks like cleaning Alex’s room and combating cardboard robots amongst others.

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“We’re so excited for our fans to meet Amazing Alex,” commented EVP of Games, Petri Jarvilehto. “We’ve taken out time polishing a fantastic game and believe we’re created something fun and accessible for all ages. We’ve had a lot of fun with the game, and we can’t wait to see what our fans come up with!”

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Apart from in-game challenges, gamers have the option to come up with their own puzzles. These can be shared with friends and also with players across the globe. As fellow enthusiasts will be designing levels too, users are not likely to run out of stages any time soon.

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Rovio Amazing Alex has been put up for grabs starting today. It can be purchased for $0.99 through the Apple App Store and Google Play portals. And as mentioned above, the game can also be downloaded for free via the virtual app marketplace for Android.