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Roland iModela hobby milling machine sets the creative spark ablaze

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The recently unveiled Roland iModela hobby milling machine seems to be an apt tool for getting the creative juices pumping. With its 3D milling technology, potential owners can move full steam ahead and create works of art in various forms and sizes, utilizing a plethora of materials to acquire the desired results. What makes all this worth indulging in is the attractive price tag attached to the whole experience.

The iModela is basically a gadget that allows users to create different patterns, reliefs, textures and even 3D shapes by utilizing materials like balsa wood, plastic, foam and modeling wax. They can use their imagination and produce articles such as accessories, miniatures jewelry and models. All these artistic projects are fashioned with the help of the milling machine that measures 3.39 x 2.17 x 1.02 inches. The handy offering comes complete with sample materials, a cutting tool and software options, with more available for purchase online.

“iModela is a completely new concept – a digital hobby mill designed to support a range of unique creative pursuits, from miniatures and model railroading to jewelry design and craft projects,” commented Brian Brooks, product manager for Roland DGA Corp. “The applications for this innovative technology are endless, and we can’t wait to see what our customers will produce with it.”

Making the inventive experience a seamless one is the inclusion of a virtual panel. Through this offering, users can control the gadget from any personal computer. Furthermore, accompanying the Roland iModela hobby milling machine is the iModela Creator design software. This add-on features freehand drawing tools that aid in sketching out various works of art. If the whole process seems to be a wee bit complicating, the company provides intuitive icons and menus to instruct hobbyists through the complete procedure. The final outcome is achieved via the included Windows driver.

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The Roland iModela price is tagged at $899 and it can be picked up from rolanddgastore.com. Additionally, hobby enthusiasts can awaken the Michelangelo and Rodin slumbering deep within them by milling 3D files through other CAD applications with the aid of more advanced CAM software options. This is obtainable from icreate.rolanddg.com.