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Roku Streaming Stick makes television smarter

Roku Streaming Stick 1

TVs out there may just get an additional dose of smartness with the Roku Streaming Stick which dons the appearance of a regular USB drive. Complete with features to watch out for, the small device is gearing up to arrive with built-in Wi-Fi amongst other specs.

Eliminating the hassle of cables and wires, this gadget will slip into the HDMI port on MHL-enabled TVs. The device has been integrated with a processor, memory and software which will stream Roku’s entertainment content. With these attributes in place, the MHL-enabled TVs may now probably retain their positions in the living rooms for a long stretch of time. An updated streaming stick can be plugged into conventional TVs in order to teach them new, additional tricks.

“The Roku platform has been extremely successful as a stand-alone streaming device,” states Roku Founder and CEO Anthony Wood. “Extending the Roku streaming experience through the Roku Streaming Stick to Smart TVs is a natural next step for the market.”

Roku Streaming Stick 2

The latter half of the year will see televisions churned out by Insignia which may be amongst the first to be paired with this Streaming Stick. The Roku offering will not only retail separately but will also come bundled with the TV. Many may approve of just replacing the dongle rather than their entire TV set to get new features. Then again, the device’s capabilities and utility will only come to light once it hits the tech scenario later this fall.

As mentioned earlier, the Roku Streaming Stick can be expected to become available by autumn this year. However, the exact release date and price details are still under wraps.


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