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Rock the Google Glass look even if you wear prescription lenses [Photos]

If you wear prescription frames, you know what it’s like watching a 3D movie in a theater or at home. Did you take a look at Google Glass and think, ‘That’s definitely not for me?’ Well, Google has news for you – the wearable supports prescription lenses too.

The first three pictures show the different styles in which you can get twist on shades along with Google Glass. Starting from the topmost one, they’re called Edge, Active and Classic. And then there was that animal print one we saw in August 2013 which is not up for grabs.

Goggle Glass

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But what the company is eager to introduce is the Titanium Collection comprising of four lightweight frame designs made from titanium, of course. They’re dubbed Split, Curve, Thin and Bold. But Mountain View’s not (yet) going to be selling Google Glass with prescription lenses.

The frames cost $225. You can buy them and have your optician fit them out with your prescription lenses. If you’ve got some sort of vision insurance deal going with your doctor, then you may be able to have them for less than the aforesaid cost. But it’s not the price of the new look you’re worried about, right?

Google Glass Titanium Collection

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“If we had a nickel for every time someone has asked about prescription lenses for Glass…well, we’d have a lot of nickels,” says the Google+ post announcing the news.

How to get Google Glass?

Google Glass is pegged at $1500. And you’d need to have signed up as an Explorer to test it when the company had thrown open the windows at its developer conference. You could have also gotten in on the program this way. Whichever method you chose, you’d still have had to burn $1500 for the hardware.

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But the consumer version that will hit the market in the future will cost much less than what the wearable commands right now. So a bit of patience maybe? Do note that the company hasn’t revealed the promised new Google Glass yet, just prescription frames.