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Roccat Savu optical gaming mouse coming soon

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The world of PC gaming can now prepare to receive the upcoming Roccat Savu optical mouse. This mid-size PC peripheral developed by the Hamburg based company, comes with seven buttons including a right thumb rest, a customizable rear light bar with 16.8 million color options and other such features.

The Savu is incorporated with the Easy-Shift[+] technology, which allows users to easily assign two functions for each button as well as the scroll wheel. This transforms it into a 12-button gadget, without compromising on the size or placement of keys. It also boasts of an R3 sensor, which should offer a lag-free gaming experience with no interpolation.

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“The Savu raises the bar for optical mid-size gaming mice significantly,” stated René Korte, Roccat Founder and CEO. “It really is a dream piece of machinery for gamers who love medium-size gear and a welcome addition to our powerful mouse line-up.”

Roccat Savu 02

The release of the mouse in question will also mark the entry of Roccat Achievements Display or R.A.D, which was previously available only for online gaming. This application is meant to keep track of button clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity and other such feats achieved by this peripheral. After compiling user data, this driver based software will also reward gamers with trophies if certain milestones are achieved.

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Precise details about the Roccat Savu release date and price are not known yet. However, it should be seen in markets all over the world by early May. In addition to this, it is also expected to make a formal debut at the CeBIT 2012.