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Best Roblox Song IDs: Music Codes For Audiophiles In 2022

How To Add Boombox Roblox If you’re searching for an updated list of Roblox song IDs or music codes for blasting tracks on the boombox or radio, look no further. In a community that is now 40 million games-strong, it is essential to choose the best songs for standing out from the crowd.

Roblox allows you to use music IDs to play your favorite songs in-game. The game’s developers even signed a licensing agreement with APM Music in 2018, allowing users access to a ton of soundtracks from movies, TV shows, video games, and commercials. Every audio file is represented by a unique ID, also known as its music code or music ID. You can simply input you choice of music code into the ‘boombox’ to start blasting your favorite tunes.

As of November 2021, over 2 million codes have been made available for fans to choose from. There are many free music ID codes as well as some which require paid access. Which are the most popular Roblox song IDs? And how can you find and use them in your own game to attract players to give your game a shot? Let’s find out.

What Are Music Codes Used For?

Music codes or Boombox codes are simply strings of numbers that correspond to specific music tracks or songs that are part of the massive user-created library of sounds or the licensed music the game has access to.

Whether you’re looking for hit tracks, popular tunes or even the latest meme song going around, the plaform’s library has it all. Users can access a virtual music player in the form of the Boombox item, which can be used to play any track and customize the audio experience in-game. The ability to equip these items depends on the specific game world you’re part of. But chances are, if you’re playing a popular game, it will let you do just that.

Changing the background music is an integral part of the game experience. It lets users express their game world’s unique identity and adds to the overall gameplay.

How To Use Roblox Song IDs?

Roblox Boombox As stated before, you need one essential item to be able to use music codes to play your favorite tunes. You can acquire a free Boombox or a paid one, depending on the game world you’re currently in. One of the most popular games that allow a Boombox to be acquired for free, is Catalog Heaven. You simply need to search the in-game ‘Catalog’ for a Boombox and then pick whichever option suits your fancy.

If you wish to get your hands on a paid item, you can go for one of the cheapest options – the Beat Up Super Jank Boombox for R$250 or 250 Robux. Robux is the in-universe currency for any game on the platform. There are pricier options available as well, such as the Dual Golden Duper Fly Boombox, priced at R$ 1,000.

Once you have acquired your choice of Boombox, the next step is pretty simple. Equip your Boombox from your inventory and click on it (or tap it if you’re on Android or iOS) to bring up a prompt. You can then simply input the code of your choice from our list below and press Play, and the song will start playing instantly.

How To Find Song IDs?

With all the talk around song IDs, you might be wondering where exactly you can find these codes, apart from our list. There are multiple sources, both official and unofficial, which you can use to dig up the latest codes.

1. Official Website

The platform’s official website is a great way to discover popular song IDs or find something entirely new and surprising:

  • Head over to the Roblox website and log in to your account
  • Search for the track or audio you want and wait for the suggestions
  • Click the Library option to enter the Library
  • Click on the Audio column to move to the Music page
  • Narrow down the search to the track you want and copy the numerical code from the URL

2. Dedicated Websites

There are more than enough sites dedicated to providing the latest song codes. The process is fairly simple. Visit sites such as RobloxSong or Music Coder (links posted below) and search for the kind of music you’re looking for.

Note that not all websites you find would have updated codes and some might even have maliciously posted codes, intended to troll unsuspecting users.

3. YouTube

Go to YouTube and use keywords like ‘Roblox popular song IDs’ or ‘Roblox rap song IDs’. From the search results, prioritize more recent videos and those with a decent view count, to avoid getting trolled with misrepresented codes.

Newly Added Roblox Song Codes In 2022

Now that you know where to find music ID codes and how to use them in your gaming sessions, it’s time to check out our list of the most popular song IDs rocking up the platform in 2021. The codes listed below have been verified to be working 100% at the time of publishing this article.

Doja Cat – Say So 521116871
Justin Bieber – Yummy 4591688095
BTS – Fake Love 1894066752
BTS – BAEPSAE 331083678
Baby Shark – Pink Fong 614018503
Dua Lipa – Levitating 6606223785
Tesher- Jalebi Baby 6463211475
Kali Uchis – Telepatia (slowed and reverb) 6403599974
Billie Eilish – My Future 5622020090
Lady Gaga – Applause 130964099
Mii Channel (Wii) 143666548
Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym theme 3400778682
A Rap – Merry Christmas 1259050178
Alan W. Sabrina Carpenter – On My Way SLOWED 2985525819
Royal & The Serpent – Underneath The Mask 6378372962
The Kitty Cat Dance 224845627
Clairo – Sofia 3588291342
Baby Bash ft. Frankie J – Suga Suga 225150067
Jingle Oof (Jingle Bells but Oof) 1243143051
Frozen – Let It Go 189105508
You’ve Been Trolled 154664102
Nya! (Arigato) 6441347468
Frank Ocean – Chanel 1725273277
Brookhaven 143666548
Dream Speedrun 6029210056
Bebe Rexha – Meant To Be 6309783821
Leviathan – Chug Jug With You 6503915239
Waluigi Hallelujah 2052326384
Old Town Road Remix 3183318678
I Love Potatoes 158764033
I’m Bean, Mr. Bean 947518032

Can You Upload Any Song?

Even though the platform thrives on user-created content which not only includes millions of games but also music and audio content, you can’t just upload any audio track in your game. Copyrighted music has been a topic of contention between record labels and virtual platforms for a long time.

Recently in June 2021, the  National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) sued Roblox for not stopping users from uploading copyrighted content from artists like Imagine Dragons, deadmau5, Ariana Grande, and others. The lawsuit claimed $200 million in damages.

The suit was settled in September 2021 when both parties came to an agreement involving an undisclosed amount, and an industry-wide opt-in open to all NMPA publishers, whereby they can work out individual licensing contracts with Roblox. This ushers in a new way for artists to monetize their creations in the ‘metaverse’ and expand game’s identity as a unique platform for artists and fans to connect.

Wrapping Up

Part of the fun of Roblox is that you can get to know people having similar taste in songs and make new friends, as a result. The ever-growing community of developers and users keep the magic alive. You can contribute to the community’s shared knowledge of music codes by bringing false and inappropriate codes to fellow users’ attention.

You will benefit others and in turn, benefit from the community’s efforts to keep all the relevant information up-to-date. Well, it’s time to groove to the latest and greatest tunes and create your next epic moment in the game!