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The rise of online gambling industry in India

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Not many know but online gambling is fast on the way towards gaining a permanent spot in India. There are quite a few obstacles for it to overcome, with countering legal issues being the prime among them, however the public interest in online gambling seems to drive its case forward continuously. A part of it is sports betting which is completely legal in the UK and many other territories, but is still struggling to establish a foothold in India.

Sports betting has a general air of negativity surrounding it due to the various scandals that have rocked the country in the past, especially in cricket which is unarguably the single most popular sport in India. But what many fail to understand is the massive difference between legal and illegal sports betting.

When online gambling comes into the picture, everything is happening before the eyes of the entire world so there’s no question of any wrongdoings taking place. Despite this, those interested in sports betting in the country are forced to head over to foreign websites like bet365 and Betway, as online gambling is still not entirely possible here.

See, there’s no proper law that bans it per se. However, under a certain Information Technology Act from the year 2000, any activity the government views as corruptible to its people is prohibited. It’s this particular clause that scares away those who hold the authority to offer sports betting in India.

A few states like Goa and Sikkim wherein gambling is legal, rely on the intranet for offering online gambling experiences to their casino visitors. That’s because using the regular internet will effectively expand the reach of the platform to other states. But this too, doesn’t give much importance to sports betting.

For a person in India who wishes to indulge in the same, the best way out is betting using foreign websites which openly take bets from India. However, we won’t say it’s devoid of any risk. Therefore it’s always advisable to choose from the top-end booking websites rather than going for shady ones.

Online gambling is not at all in a favorable position right now, at least as far as India is concerned. However, the fact that it exists lawfully in other territories like the UK gives us hopes that it may very well make its way here too in the near future.