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RIM BlackBerry 10 hardware gets flaunted online

BlackBerry 10 Hardware

RIM has officially given us a glimpse at the latest BlackBerry 10 hardware. After the Dev Alpha prototype units were handed out during the BB10 Jam, this is the first time the Canadian telecommunication company has showed off an upcoming (final) device.

The BlackBerry 10 series hardware has been no secret since the platform was announced a year back. And there have been numerous leaks and rumors going about as well. One of the handsets is the London which is speculated to surface with a dual core OMAP processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of onboard storage. Well, the design being teased in the image above isn’t the same as the leaked form factor which surfaced in November last year. The blueprint adopted here has rounded edges like the prototype and not curves shaped like the London’s that somewhat resembles the Porsche Design P’9981’s appearance.


The guys over at BGR point out based on a report by N4BB that the rear appears to have a meshed leather surface with a textured design. The main purpose for this Nexus-resembling look is probably to deliver a comfortable grip. Well, that’s about all we know of the teased BB handset. In recent news, the company kicked off its Got Game Port-a-Thon event for developers. Here, rewards for creating or porting applications over to the BB10 platform were in the form of cash and hardware which included prototypes and PlayBook tablets amongst others.

Over the past few months, the Canadian giant has also teased various features employed within the upcoming OS. Hub is said to be the prime location for managing conversations and there’s also Flow which enables intuitive one-hand use of common tasks. Additionally, there will also be support for Android Runtime that allows owners to access apps designed for Google’s mobile OS in BB 10. Check the video embedded below for a quick preview of the OS.

To refresh a few heads out there, RIM’s latest BlackBerry 10 hardware and the platform as well, will be launched on January 30, 2013. The company’s official website also states that ‘more highlights’ are ‘coming soon.’

Dev Alpha

BlackBerry Dev Alpha specifications:

Display: 4.2-inch HD 1280 x 768p touchscreen
Connectivity: microUSB port, microHDMI socket, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microSIM card only