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Riiflex dumbbells weights for Wii Fit coming soon

Riiflex dumbbells with Wii Remote & Nunchuk

Wii Fit just got fitter as Power Play Corp has unveiled its all new fitness accessory. Dubbed as Riiflex, the accessory is a pair of dumbbells that add weight, figuratively and literally, to your fitness training with the Wii Fit.

And these are not just any dumbbells. Riiflex dumbbells can fit in them the Wii remote and the Wii Nunchuk controllers to allow access to controller functions along with serving the purpose of weights (as you can in the image above).

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“We wanted to develop a product line of quality fitness gear that can extend the functionality of the growing number of fitness titles for the Wii and Wii Fit. We believe the Wii Fit is tapping into a large market demand to make gym time feel more like play time. We are dedicated to develop products that help people meets this need,” said company founder and creator of Riiflex, Paul Holcomb.

Holcomb also revealed that this peripheral is not developed to assist in all the games and are just additional resistance for exercise games on the Wii consoles. “We have been in contact with game developers and look forward to future announcements regarding game titles,” he said.

The Riiflex dumbbells are ready to be pre-ordered (on first-come first-served basis). These will be initially available as a set of two of 2 pound (1 kilo) for $34.95 and for $39.95 for a set of 4 pound (2 kilos), when pre-ordered.

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The 2 pound pair will be shipping this summer while the availability of the 4 pound pair will be announced soon.

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