Rhapsody MP3 Store Opens Offering Free Album to First 100,000 Subscribers

Rhapsody Screenshot

Rhapsody has launched a MP3 store where buyers can purchase free of the digital rights management (DRM) tracks. Any album downloaded from Rhapsody store will be compatible with all music devices including iPods.

Rhapsody MP3 allows buyers to listen to the full length track online before taking a decision of purchasing. Rhapsody’s catalog consists of more than 5 million songs. That means subscribers have 5 millions songs to choose from.

“Rhapsody MP3 has made discovering and buying music risk free, with the freedom to listen to full-length songs before making a purchasing decision,” said Neil Smith, vice president of marketing for Rhapsody. “To demonstrate what musical freedom is all about, we’re giving an album to the first 100,000 people who sign up.”

First 100,000 subscribers will get a free digital album of their choice from Rhapsody as a promotional offer. Besides, users can purchase most of the tracks listed Rhapsody MP3 album for $.99 and albums for $9.99.

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