Razer Vespula Gaming Mouse Mat Review: Slide Your Way to Victory

Razer Vespula Pad

Razer has dished out a plethora of accessories and peripherals for players who wish to receive that competitive edge while they indulge in their favorite computer games. These include keyboards, mice, mousemats and headphones, all keeping in mind the specific needs of its customers. The gaming-centric product from Razer reviewed by us today is the Vespula dual-sided gaming mouse mat. This offering is noted to be the successor of the Razer eXact Mat.

We found the Razer Vespula Mouse Mat in a sleek box and were greeted with the wordings ‘Welcome to the cult of Razer’ etched on the inner pack. Unlike the mouse and keyboard which we reviewed earlier, this particular offering came with the complete manual on the rear of the box itself and not in a separate case inside the box. The actual mouse mat from Razer measures just 300 x 240 x 4 mm and comes in dark shades with four green stripes visible at the edges. The product is set to ideally compliment any gamers’ computing space.

There are two distinct gaming-grade surfaces namely the Control and Speed surface. These are fashioned upon an abrasion-resistant hard coat which includes non-slip and anti-reflective properties. Players can opt for their desired type of surface depending on the requirement of the game they are indulging in. Both are created to perfectly suit all their computer gaming needs.

Razer Vespula Pad 02

The Control surface is a flimsy black color mat with a memory conformance gel-filled wrist rest giving PC players a better and more comfortable gaming experience. The surface of this particular side is adorned with a coarsely textured finish which is ideal if you require really precise movements during gameplay. This is also great for utilizing with not only games but other computer applications that require precision like Photoshop.

The Speed surface is a large gray mouse pad made of thick plastic and can be espied with black edgings all around its borders. It can be placed atop the Control surface which provides players with the spongy wrist rest as well. This surface is fashioned for indulging in games that require quick-paced action. The mouse smoothly slides and glides across the mat giving players maximum freedom. Gamers wanting to go all out and fire at the enemy with all guns blazing can opt for this surface. It is also ideal for shooting one foe while quickly turning to the next unlucky chum.


The dual-sided Razer Vespula mat can be used for just about any game, may it be action, sports, RPG, real-time strategy, etc depending on your preference.

The memory conformance wrist rest reduces fatigue and makes way for longer hours of gameplay.


We felt that the gaming mouse from Razer was a little to big especially if working in a confined or restricted space.

Our Shout

The Razer Vespula Gaming Mouse Mat provides a great surface fit for any desired gameplay. Priced at just $34.99, the cool looking offering perfectly compliments the company’s other accessories like gaming keyboard and mouse. With this deadly combination, enemies have to be constantly on their guard against either a precise sniper attack straight to the head or a smooth flurry of bullets. We give the mouse pad a rating of 9.2/10.

So get ready to spend longer hours in front of your computer screen shooting down all those bad guys or just sit back and relax with a good helping of real time strategy games.