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This repulsive selfie stick can host an entire MacBook

MacBook Selfie Stick

It’s horrible enough that selfies exist in the world, but then they have to go ahead and give birth to selfie sticks. As if those weren’t cringe-worthy enough, we now have a selfie stick that replaces the smartphone with a laptop.

A group of artists have invented this weird contraption which clicks photographs using the camera of the MacBook. It is not a commercial product in anyway – thank god – and seems to be more of an art project that’s trying to allegorize something.

This piece of equipment includes a metal pole and a full-fledged laptop stand which is used to mount the MacBook. It has been created by artists Moises (Art404), John Yuyi and Tom Galle, who went around New York, photographing themselves using their selfie stick.

Like we said, the purpose of creating something like this seems to have stemmed from the fact that its creators are all artists. What the metaphor actually happens to be is open for interpretation. It could be a comment on the growing narcissism among the young generation or perhaps talk about our obliviousness to our smartphones completely consuming us.

This group of artists has created more such eye-grabbing phenomena in the past as well. Prominent among them was the recent Netflix and Chill Airbnb listing. For those unaware, ‘Netflix and Chill’ is a code phrase for inviting someone to watch TV, but with both partners knowing that they’re eventually going to end up being imitate with each other. The Netflix and Chill Airbnb listing created by them offered a themed one-bedroom apartment for $400 a night.

You can check out a large bunch of photographs of the MacBook selfie stick by visiting this website.