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Report: LG G Watch variant will grab own SIM card to abandon the need for a smartphone

If a fresh report is to be believed, then expectant buyers of the upcoming LG G Watch are in for quite a surprise. This Android Wear smartwatch which relies upon a smart device for its data could very well have a SIM card version which will eliminate the need for any connected device.

This means there is a possibility of it grabbing support for messaging and perhaps even calling. Android Authority has quoted a source of RBMen who has chanced upon these important details. There is a possibility that the SIM will be embedded into smartwatch and will be non-removable.

LG G Watch

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Hence, once bought, customers of the gadget will have to stick to the same carrier. Moreover, it is being said that the LG G Watch will be made available through the Google Play Store aside from other storefronts. Will Google create a special section in its portal for all Android Wear-branded products? Only time will tell.

For now, those unaware about the G Watch may take note that it’s a fresh smartwatch that takes advantage of Google’s new Android Wear OS. Apart from usual functions like displaying time, phone messages and more, it presents Google Now cards as well, and lets you control it via voice and touch gestures.

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No concrete release date for the LG G Watch is available at the moment, but you can expect it to arrive sometime during this June. It has found a competitor in Motorola’s similar Moto 360 which grabs a circular form factor rather than a rectangular one.