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Remove DRM Lock from iTunes Media with TunesKit DRM Media Converter


Watching movies and TV shows grabbed from iTunes is a great way for owners of Apple devices to pass their time. However, it’s a pity that these videos cannot be enjoyed on other mobile devices, especially the ones running Android. That’s where a tool like TunesKit DRM Media Converter comes into the picture, and we’re going to give you a quick review of its Windows version here today.

Apple’s infamous FairPlay DRM system is what prevents you from viewing your iTunes files on other devices. What TunesKit DRM Media Converter does is that it simply strips the DRM layer off these files to make them ready to be viewed anywhere. It moreover, renders the final versions of your files in the MP4 format, which works on almost all mobile devices these days.

We got to test the Windows version of this software, but a Mac edition is also available and serves the same purpose. First let us talk about the interface which is as simple as it can get. The developers of TunesKit DRM Media Converter have ensured that even newbies will be able to handle this software effortlessly.Tuneskit interface


A thick blue pane at the top bears two tabs; one for adding files and the other for viewing those that have already been converted. It goes without saying that in order to use TunesKit DRM Media Converter, you will need to have iTunes installed on your PC as well. And once you launch this DRM conversion tool, iTunes will be launched automatically in the background.

You can then click on the add files tab on Tuneskit to choose the exact iTunes video which you wish to convert to MP4. The software should then ideally populate its library with all the FairPlay DRM-protected videos present on the PC. This didn’t happen for us, which is why we had to drag and drop the files we wanted to convert.

Hitting the convert button at the bottom then turns your file into a DRM-free MP4 video which you can watch on a wide variety of devices. Plus, Tuneskit for Windows also manages to retain all the audio tracks, subtitles and other important data from your videos. And the best part about all this is that there’s little to no quality loss in the files.


It is to be noted that you can add number of files to the conversion list at a time. This will save you the time you’ll otherwise spend in converting each file separately, and will especially benefit people who wish to convert several episodes of their favorite TV shows into DRM-free MP4 files that they can watch on non-Apple devices.

Apple’s FairPlay DRM system encrypts files in such a way that they can only be decrypted by its QuickTime multimedia software running on its own devices. TunesKit DRM Media Converter makes use of its unique DRM decryption technique in order to get rid of FariPlay in the most efficient of ways.

We say ‘efficient’ because this service is around 20 times faster than other similar options available out there. Needless to say that it works as effectively on files that you have rented on iTunes as it does on those that you have bought.


All this comes at a price though. TunesKit DRM Media Converter for Windows as well as its Mac version ask for $45 for a lifetime license. Once purchased, you will keep receiving free updates that will solve any issues that you may encounter after Apple itself updates iTunes with more features. You will also benefit from quick customer service that will issue email responses within just 24 hours. You can always go for a trail version before buying the software, which comes with limited features.

The bottom line is simple. TunesKit DRM Media Converter is a superb tool for gaining full control of the iTunes content you pay for. It’s one of those rare software which you didn’t know you needed all these years. You can visit its official website here if you wish to have a look at it.