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Remote Wake Technology from Intel allows file download in sleep mode

Intel Corp. has come up with a Remote Wake technology that will power up the sleeping desktops to continue the transfer of files across the Internet.

“Your computer can be asleep when you’re asleep, and you can download without it being left on,” said Robert Levitan, chief executive of peer-to-peer site Pando of New York, an Intel partner.

Intel The advantage of this technology is that the PCs whose motherboards are built around the Remote Wake will be able to download data like photos, songs, videos, etc. even while they are on the sleep mode that is while hibernating. This will help save power consumption.

To put to use Remote Wake’s internet calling capabilities, Intel has partnered with Jajah, the communication company. Taking the opportunity of this partnership, Jajah announced that it will be launching the telephony support for Intel’s Remote Wake Technology.

“Intel and JAJAH have a common objective to deploy technology building blocks that deliver a richer communication experience for consumers,” said Joe Van De Water, Director of Consumer Product Marketing for Intel. “Intel is delighted to be working with JAJAH on its latest offering, which supports Intel Remote Wake technology. The combination of our technologies enables added convenience and energy efficiency for consumers who want the PC to be a genuine two-way communication platform for their IP-based telephony services.”

With the Intel’s latest application PCs will not require to be turned on while receive internet calls, unlike the sleep mode in which the internet connection shuts off.