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Refurbished Apple TV price gets trimmed down in the US

Google’s Chromecast has managed to win many heats, owing to possibly which refurbished Apple TV units are now selling in the US straight from the company at a reduced price tag. Apple has started offering its media device at a discounted price of $24 lesser than the original, and the offer can be available online as well as in stores.

This news has popped up via Mac Rumors which points out that the recent drop in the retail amount is now $10 more from the previous one. To make the refurbished Apple TV and fresh units more alluring, the company plans on incorporating many more features into it. With the recent beta software release, new content such as iTunes Radio, Conference Room Mode for business and the ability to purchase music was added to the device. Users can also expect an easier process for setting up Bluetooth devices. Additionally, the report points out that the giant is working towards getting even more content onto the gadget like Time Warner Cable and the CW amongst others.

Refurbished Apple TV

Let’s take a quick peek at the specifications found within the refurbished Apple TV. Powering it up is a single core A5 chip which gains steam from an external power source. There are various connectivity features onboard as well. They include Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth for wireless keyboard support, a microUSB port, an IR receiver, an Ethernet slot, optical audio output and HDMI amongst others. In terms of dimensions, the refurbished Apple TV measures 98mm x 98mm x 23mm and it weighs 0.6 pounds.

As noted above, the refurbished Apple TV is available for purchase at the discounted price through the company’s online store or picked up via retail outlets.