Reebok NXT Speaker Backpack makes travel sound great

Reebok NXT Speaker Backpack

If you have faced issues carrying your portable CD player or music system with you while going for a picnic or faced issues with carrying entangled wires and speakers, then the Reebok NXT Speaker Backpack is the solution to all your problems.

The neat speakers fit in easily on to your back as a backpack consuming little space and ensure that it will entertain you during your journey efficiently. With enough space for other materials in the backpack, the speaker at the bottom of the bag camouflages itself well with the design of the bag. The device runs on a standard 2x AA batteries from any device connected via the 3.5mm audio jack.

The bag’s design is quite trendy and does not give it a geeky look in any way with the speakers barely visible in the design. The NXT Speaker Backpack also assures strength and endurance where Reebok claims that the bag can withstand harsh conditions in various environments such as college, work and is the best companion for a travel. At a price of £69.99, the Reebok NXT Speaker Backpack is already up for sale through the UK Online stores.

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