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Rediffmail launches a New, Simpler and Faster Version of its Free Email Service

Rediffmail logo Rediffmail has announced a new version of its popular email service, incorporating a better, simpler and more user friendly interface along with a number of new features. The latest version has included Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology, upto 1 GB of storage space, and the ability to compose in 11 Indian languages, along with auto address completion. The new mail also incorporates several user friendly features of Outlook Express, enabling users with more ease-of-use.

Rediffmail’s new version includes instant Mail Preview for viewing mail on the same page without opening a new window and Enhanced Mail Management for searching older mail on different parameters. Rediff says the new interface will help users search mail as well as mail attachments, giving users the commonly-used options and activities on a single page.

The latest version of rediff’s free email service powered by AJAX will be available to new users as well as all existing users of Rediffmail.

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