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Rediffmail gets unlimited email storage space just like the infinite ocean

Ajit Balakrishnan, CEO and Manish Agarwal, vice president, marketing, rediff.com

Free email provider, Rediffmail gets unlimited email storage space just like the infinite ocean.

Today, Rediff.com India Ltd., a portal that provides news, information, communication, entertainment and shopping services announced that it has incorporated unlimited storage space on its email service “rediffmail”. The announcement was made on a boat that took all present at the event inlcuding us reporters from TechShout.com for a ride in the Arabian Sea, off Gateway of India.

Before the announcement was made, the scene on the boat truly reminded us perhaps of being in a ferry near some Caribbean island! Music that ranged from island music, to jazz to some suspenseful tunes kept all present at the event busy. Moreover, the blasting sun on the deck of the boat was enough to put anyone in a party mood. But, we had absolutely no idea as to what Rediff.com had in store for us.

Once the boat started ferrying around the sea, the people from Rediff.com finally let the news out, and in a grand way they surely did. Banners that announced “Unlimited Storage space in rediffmail” were let loose at the front of the deck for all to see. As if organizing the event on a boat wasn’t enough, they also let off two bunches of red balloons into the sunlit sky. Tied to the two bunches were smaller banners with the same announcement.

Rediffmail screenshot

Present at the event was Ajit Balakrsihnan, Chairman and founder of Rediffmail.com who said, With the phenomenal growth of broad band penetration, usage of email for storage and sharing of multimedia files has increased. Rediff’s offering of unlimited storage space enables users to store unlimited photos, music files, videos without worrying about deleting mails from inbox. Advanced search in Rediff mail enables users to manage unlimited storage space effectively and help retrieve relevant content as and when required. With unlimited storage space and non closure of ids, SMEs and Individuals need not use multiple email ids, Rediffmail id can become their permanent id”

Also present at the event was Manish Agarwal, head of marketing, Rediffmail.com.

Rediffmail which has been around for 11 years now, provides a safe environment through its mailbox services. Besides, one can also search through their mailbox to find a particular mail. And of course, you will never be required to change your Rediffmail address ever.

Rediff.com black logo Moreover, Rediffmail is packed with innovative user-friendly features of desktop e-mail such as writing mail in 11 Indian languages, instant preview of mails and attachments, drag and drop facility for mail to any folder, and auto-completetion of e-mail addresses by simply typing a few characters. It’s no wonder then that Rediffmail.com has around 50 million registered users!

Rediffmail now uses a new interface, and is good enough to compete with global e-mail services such as Google’s Gmail. What is more, you can also store an unlimited amount of multimedia files such as music, videos and photos. So you might not have the need to get an iPod now!

Ajit Balakrsihnan also provided a very good reason for organizing this unique event. He stated an analogy that just like ocean which is infinite, Rediffmail too provides unlimited storage space. A very apt one, we say.

At the event, a really cool commercial that depicts Rediffmail’s unlimited storage space was shown to all present. We will put it up for all to see tomorrow, so stay tuned.

All in all, the announcement of Rediffmail’s unlimited storage space put everyone in a gala mood.