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Rediff Realtime News Search rolls in

Rediff Realtime News Search

For web users in India, the Rediff Realtime News Search feature has rolled out in the beta stage. The search engine currently covers online news, communication, information, entertainment and shopping services from around the world.

Realtime News Search can be accessed from a link on the main Rediff website itself. Offering a sort of ‘now trending’ option, a ‘Happening Now’ section is fixed below the main search box that shows on the special news search page. From what we’re seeing, it may require a bit of polishing before it manages to find dedicated users considering that there are no proper sections going by topics like technology, science, entertainment and so on.

Ajit Balakrishnan, Chairman and CEO of Rediff.com India, explained, “Rediff Realtime News Search, we believe, will help us strengthen our leadership position in the online news category in the growing Indian Internet market and is yet another example of how we differentiate our company from the competition. This latest innovation provides Rediff.com users with a cutting edge search experience and, we believe, will open up new avenues to grow our business and enhance the Rediff brand.”

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The latest introduction to Rediff gathers content from more than 30,000 global news websites. It proffers search term predictions to help save on the energy spent typing them in. What’s more, the service has an index size of around 13 million images, the pictures being collected from Indian as well as international news sites.

The Rediff Realtime News Search page even displays a section for user feedback and allowing visitors to share it via email or their Facebook, Twitter and Rediff accounts.