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Rediff launches Firefox 3 Toolbar

Rediff Firefox 3 Toolbar

As Firefox 3’s launch is just a few days away, everybody is ready to welcome the new browser. Rediff.com is one of them and has announced the launch of its latest toolbar application for Firefox 3.

The new toolbar will enhance web surfing experience with Firefox 3, says Rediff. It offers quick access to several functions. Besides, the latest toolbar will allow users to access vertical searches like Fare Search, Job Search, Product Search, Image search, video search, ringtone search, language search etc.

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The toolbar also lets users use the search bar as an address bar by automatically identifying the ‘url’ keywords and diverting them directly to the website instead of displaying search results.

Another salient feature of the Rediff toolbar is quick access to the news. Users can access latest updated news on business, sports, movies and cricket through a snapshot view.

The included hard coded POP UP blocker is another key feature of the toolbar. Moreover, it also offers Rediff services like Rediffmail, Rediff Bol the Instant Messenger etc.

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