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Reddit introduces news site Upvoted

Reddit has announced the launch of a standalone publication called Upvoted, a curated website which features articles, videos, podcasts and graphic art. All the content is sourced from the original site, with due credit to the original posters.

Upvoted has been in the making for a long time now. Reddit initially began the process of branching out into newer waters with its own podcast back in January. It received 1.6 million downloads, which encouraged the site to start a newsletter service in April. It currently has over 212,000 subscribers. The crew behind the venture then started posting articles to a subreddit called r/upvoted.

The thread recorded nearly 700000 unique visitors. The idea behind the new initiative is to highlight stories originating from Reddit. Upvoted has a team of editors and writers working independently within the site. They will be covering various topics such as Tech, Food, Gaming, Lifestyle and Entertainment, and are additionally supposed to interview the people involved and make sure the facts are accurate.

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Reddit Upvoted

Each article is set to have a stats column with information such as the number of upvotes the original subreddit gets, the creator of the topic, and the community the page belongs to. Surprisingly, Upvoted doesn’t allow commenting, instead choosing to put a link to discuss the topic on Reddit at the end of the piece. The website aims to publish at least 10 to 40 posts a day.

According to a blog entry, the portal does not have plans to allow banner or pop-up advertising at the moment. However, it does have sponsored content, which will be clearly demarcated as such. The Upvoted team will pitch story ideas to the brand paying for the article, ensuring complete control over the editorial process for those pieces.

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Reddit currently possesses over 202 million monthly users. Several websites nowadays pick up news from a subreddit and pass it off as their own. Upvoted is essentially a way for the site to make sure the information that breaks out from within its walls gets properly credited.

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