Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 rolled out

Red Hat Logo Red Hat has announced the availability of Enterprise Linux 5.2. With the latest upgrade, subscribers are offered greater return on their IT investment with new hardware support capabilities, selected new software technologies and numerous quality improvements, claims Red Hat.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 boasts enhanced virtualization, desktop, security, clustering, networking and hardware support. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 has also made possible the virtualization of very large systems, with up to 64 CPUs and 512GB of memory. Virtualization also supports NUMA-based architectures and security, performance, manageability and toughness improvements.

On the other hand, the CPU frequency scaling supports virtualized environments and also allows for reduced power consumption.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 Desktop includes enhanced support for laptop suspend/hibernate and resume. moreover, updated graphics drivers and a comprehensive update of desktop applications, including OpenOffice 2.3 and Firefox v3, delivering a richer, more practical and easier-to-use desktop experience.