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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Using a Virtual Receptionist to Grow

receptionist It’s no secret that the business world is evolving, and technology plays a big part in it. Virtual receptionists have become one of the most effective ways for SMBs to grow their customer base, drive new revenue streams and increase profits. Some studies show that virtual receptionist platforms can improve your bottom line by up to 30%. Here are just five reasons why you should consider using this amazing tech tool.

Overflow Calls

If you are a small business, one of your most valuable resources is time. With a digital receptionist, you can hire an additional employee for your company without needing extra office space or other overhead costs. Your virtual receptionist will come in handy during periods of high call volume so that when you have a full waiting room and cannot answer calls, it will take them over from you.

By hiring a virtual receptionist, businesses have found more time to focus on selling their products or services rather than dealing with customer service issues all day. A professional voice answering service is also much less expensive than hiring an entire staff of people to handle incoming calls at your company. It is evident from the report that claims businesses can save up to 78% in operating costs by employing a virtual assistant.

Customer Service

Understanding The Customer A virtual receptionist can help you provide a better customer experience and grow your business. A virtual receptionist is an automated system that answers the phone and screens calls. You can have one that plays a recorded message or one that will answer all questions, schedule appointments, and even take payments over the phone.

It’s easy to see why using a virtual receptionist would benefit many businesses. Using this technology, you can get up to 5 times more coverage than hiring an actual human receptionist. A virtual receptionist can also help you save money by allowing employees who don’t need face-to-face interaction—such as salespeople—to do their job from anywhere in the world. They can even make it possible for customers who are not local to go online and complete transactions whenever they want, day or night.

Scheduling and Appointments

A virtual receptionist can help your business with scheduling appointments. If you work in a small business, you likely have a limited staff, and existing employees manage the phone calls and customer scheduling. However, if you’re running a larger company or trying to get more business through referrals, having someone answer phone calls from potential clients is essential.

A virtual receptionist can also help with customer appointments. For example, let’s say that one of your clients wants to set up an appointment at 3 pm on Friday, but they cannot do so because they’re out of town or busy with something else that day. A virtual receptionist will not only schedule the appointment but will make sure that it happens by either contacting or sending reminders directly to both parties involved ensuring both parties are aware of what time the meeting will take place and where it will occur.

24/7 Support

247 customer support If you’re a business owner, one of your biggest challenges is ensuring that your customers are taken care of at all hours. In an ideal world, we would all have 24/7 support from a friendly receptionist who could answer questions and help with customer service. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have this luxury at their disposal. The good news is that if you use a virtual receptionist for your company (which we highly recommend), it’s possible to have 24/7 support without having a live receptionist on hand.

A virtual receptionist can take calls from customers in your absence and handle scheduling appointments or answering general questions about your products or services. They can also help out with overflow calls when things get busy. In addition to these core duties, they can be used as a secondary point of contact for employees offsite, so they don’t need to call back into the office whenever they need something done by management.

Offsite Employees

The number of remote workers has increased dramatically in recent years. More companies realize they can save money and be more productive by outsourcing or telecommuting. Hiring remote employees and even considering a virtual office to accommodate them is becoming more common.

The term “work from home mom” is now an industry-recognized title for a stay-at-home mom who chooses to work remotely as an independent contractor for one or more companies. Work from-home dads are also becoming increasingly common, particularly since so many families now have two working parents who need flexible scheduling options during the week. According to the National At-Home Dad’s Network, the number of stay-at-home dads is projected to grow to 1.75 million by 2022.

Many retirees appreciate the convenience of working at home full-time or part-time—even if their only option is through a virtual receptionist service. And there may be other people in your community who would love this opportunity – work-from-home students, disabled individuals who can’t get out much on their own, caregivers who need flexibility, and more.

Even Small Businesses Can Benefit from Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

Even small businesses can benefit from hiring a virtual receptionist. The best part is that the average hourly wage of a receptionist in the US is $18, and by using a virtual receptionist, small businesses can save on that cost.

A virtual receptionist can take calls and manage appointments for your company, schedule meetings and answer questions for customers or clients. Even if you don’t have enough work for all of your employees to keep busy, a virtual receptionist will provide you with 24/7 customer service support.


With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are turning to virtual receptionists to help manage their incoming calls. A virtual receptionist can do everything from taking overflow calls when your staff is busy to scheduling appointments for your team and even answering questions about your products or services. They can also provide 24/7 support if you ever need it—without worrying about hiring additional employees! So if you’re looking for ways to grow your company without increasing overhead costs, consider adding a virtual receptionist today.