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3 Reasons Every Call Center Needs AI-Powered Software

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its way into just about every industry in existence, including customer service. If you have a customer call center, here’s why AI can make a huge difference for your business, your team, and your customers.

  1. You don’t need to change your existing software

Changing software is often necessary to have better features and efficient processes, but it’s also disruptive. Sometimes there are technical snags and it can be hard to get everyone on board with a new application. It seems easier to avoid making the switch and instead, sacrifice those features just so you don’t have to deal with the potential disruptions.

One of the biggest reasons to use AI-powered software for your call center is the fact that you don’t have to give up your existing application to make it work. For instance, Contact Center AI from HGS can be integrated into your existing contact center application. This will add several important AI-powered features to your call center, including automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, unified data, and real-time customer insights for your agents.

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Although interactive voice response has gotten a bad rap in the past, it’s been evolving and has become far more accurate in recent years. This feature is essential if you get a lot of calls having to do with your hours of operation and people who want to make payments. With this feature, many of your customers will have their needs met in a short amount of time – often shorter than if they were to stay on the line and wait for an available agent.

Don’t want to switch software to get all the benefits of AI? There’s no need. With the right software, you can get all the benefits of AI without having to move your data (and your entire team) over to a new system.

  1. AI can tell your customers their expected wait time

Sometimes customers bail on support calls when they don’t know how long of a wait time they’re facing. However, a call center powered by AI can tell customers how long they can expect to wait before being helped. The system can even tell each customer how many other customers are in line before them.

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This is a tried-and-true customer service strategy that has been around for a while. When people are waiting in a long line, when you engage them to greet them or take their order, they feel like they’re already being taken care of. Their perception of their wait time will be lower and they’re more likely to stick around. In the case of a support call, customers will know right away if they have time to wait, or call back later.

  1. AI can help you improve customer service

chat bots Most of the time, your customers will have already searched for answers on your website before calling your service reps to get help.

If your website features an AI-powered chatbot, chances are, many of your calls are coming in because the customer couldn’t get their questions answered through your chatbot.

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That’s not necessarily a bad thing; some requests cannot be solved by a bot. However, it’s a great opportunity for you to see where there’s room for improvement. You can do this with machine learning and by talking to your reps to find out what simple requests are still being routed through the call center.

For instance, say a caller says they tried using the chatbot and the links they were provided didn’t solve their problem. Now say the service rep can solve their problem immediately. This could mean you might need to:

  • Add more documentation to your website so your chatbot has more options to send customers.
  • Update your existing content to make it clear and more useful.
  • Add better keywords to your content so that it’s more likely to be offered as a solution to customers.

Just like AI can be used to provide customers with help, it can also be used to identify where you can improve the service you provide.

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AI-powered software will support your call center

Whether you’re using AI to route your calls, predict wait times, or to power your support feature on your website, your call center will benefit greatly. You’ll serve customers more thoroughly, your support teams will provide faster answers, and you’ll have the insights needed to continually improve your customer service support.

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