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5 reasons why contemporary organization must use a text service?


Enjoy the best way of business communication!

Do you know which kind of messages reaches most people in the World? You may use e-mails but people who don’t have an access to the Internet won’t receive it! You may think about social media texting but they can reach only those having accounts inside their group. The modern marketing views text messaging as more effective instrument of reaching consumers!

People use telephones being anywhere! They bring phones visiting countryside or traveling for places which are distant from civilization. There may be no quick internet here but GSM coverage is there for sure! SMS messaging is known as the most effective way of business communication, almost any company now uses this type of communication while reaching employees and consumers. You can exploit it too!


5 reasons why you have to use a text service

Aside from high popularity of SMS and its considerable penetration level, SMS have 5 qualities helping businesses succeed:

  1. Text announcement delivered by any text service is opened faster than others because the minute a receiver gets it, he sees a green icon on his screen and he cannot remove it unless he opens this notification;
  2. It is less likely for a phone message to occur in a “spam” folder: e-mail services create more barriers to advertising offerings than GSM operators do;
  3. Text messages are more appropriate while sending quick-response notifications: if you want your personnel coming at your office in an hour, they may not see an e-mail but they will read an SMS for sure;
  4. SMS notifications have limited text so receivers read them for a minute and they will not send them to “things to do in the evening” lists;
  5. Creator doesn’t need to have special skills so the owner shouldn’t spend thousands on marketing services.

So what should any businessman do for succeeding with his SMS communication strategy? You need only one minute to do 2 activities: create an announcement and order a newsletter to the intistele.com text service.

What to remember before ordering newsletter

In contrast to e-mail newsletters where you should choose a set of messages sent, SMS newsletters require paying for every message. You should know exactly, which amount of clients you want to reach. If you prefer not wasting your money, you should collect the information about your potential target audience. The ideal SMS newsletter campaign creates when only right people obtain your announcement. The more thorough research you will make, the closer your campaign will stay to the ideal.

So, do you want to obtain 20K new clients from a single newsletter? Create your SMS, choose the best company offering SMS-newsletters and prepare for calls! As soon as the message appears on target phone numbers, their owners will react in a second.