6 Reasons you should buy the iPhone SE

1Awesome facts about the iPhone SE

iPhone SE

Yet another iPhone has just been launched by Apple, but this one is hugely different from the current-gen lineup. The firm has gone back in time with hopes that the device will end up pleasing those who have a love affair with 4-inch handsets that seem to have disappeared from the market altogether.

With a smaller screen also comes a smaller price tag. But despite this, Apple has not treated the iPhone SE as some second-rate offering. It has equipped the phone with highly advanced hardware which brings it well in line with the other iPhones that are being sold right now.

The ‘SE’ in its name stands from Special Edition, and while we agree that it’s a weird name to have, the device is indeed a special one for those considering buying it. The fact that its base model offers just 16GB of storage is a huge disadvantage, but that’s something Apple is really not willing to change.

Available in gray, silver, gold and rose-gold finishes, the iPhone SE is an incredible offering for old school Apple enthusiasts who prefer 4-inch displays rather than 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch ones. Here are the top six reasons you should purchase the iPhone SE when it’s out.