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6 Reasons you should buy the iPhone SE

Awesome facts about the iPhone SE

iPhone SE
Yet another iPhone has just been launched by Apple, but this one is hugely different from the current-gen lineup. The firm has gone back in time with hopes that the device will end up pleasing those who have a love affair with 4-inch handsets that seem to have disappeared from the market altogether.

With a smaller screen also comes a smaller price tag. But despite this, Apple has not treated the iPhone SE as some second-rate offering. It has equipped the phone with highly advanced hardware which brings it well in line with the other iPhones that are being sold right now.

The ‘SE’ in its name stands from Special Edition, and while we agree that it’s a weird name to have, the device is indeed a special one for those considering buying it. The fact that its base model offers just 16GB of storage is a huge disadvantage, but that’s something Apple is really not willing to change.

Available in gray, silver, gold and rose-gold finishes, the iPhone SE is an incredible offering for old school Apple enthusiasts who prefer 4-inch displays rather than 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch ones. Here are the top six reasons you should purchase the iPhone SE when it’s out.

Long battery life

iPhone SE Battery
There’s a 1642mAh battery pack sitting inside this device. To understand how this unit will be able to offer great power backup, one needs to keep some things in mind. One, the iPhone 5S which features a same-sized display as the iPhone SE kicks in a smaller 1560mAh unit, and despite that, is known to offer good battery life.

Two, the new device has adopted a highly advanced Apple A9 processor, which is not only fast but also energy efficient. It is hence is expected to save more battery life.

What this effectively means is that you will easily be able to go through one full day’s usage without having to whip out your charger. Despite having a bigger display, the iPhone 6S features a 1715mAh battery which is just slightly larger than the one on the SE. This also spells good news for the new handset.

Early reviews have already praised the handset for its stellar battery performance. Long endurance is something that’s very important for smartphones to have these days, and we’re glad the iPhone SE is providing that.

An incredible camera with 4K support

iPhone SE Camera
4K videos feature 4 times more resolution than a normal HD clip. This standard has been part of a number of Android smartphones for quite some time now, but it was only with the 6S models that Apple brought this property to the iPhone.

And now, despite selling at much lower than what the 6S starts at, the iPhone SE has grabbed the same advanced shooter. We’re looking at a 12MP camera with 1.22 μm pixels and an f/2.2 aperture lens for excellent low-light performance.

The 4K videos shot on this snapper are recorded at 30fps, but you can stretch up to 60fps at 1080p. And then of course, Apple’s trademark 120fps and 240fps slow motion videos are also possible with the iPhone SE at 1080p and 720p, respectively.

There’s a 1.2MP camera present on its front surface, which though not as good as the 6S’ selfie shooter, does offer the sweet Retina Flash functionality. This trait basically whitens out the entire display while a selfie is being clicked to add some more light to them. You’d really be surprised when you see how big a difference this makes.

It still has a 3.5mm jack

iPhone SE Audio
Hear us out now before you go ‘why is this trait included in the list of reasons to buy the iPhone SE. Isn’t it something every phone has to have these days?’ We too believe that every device must come with a 3.5mm jack, but sadly Apple does not share the same opinion.

Strong rumors have come out indicating that the iPhone 7 which will be unveiled around the time of September this year, will ditch the said port completely. It will rely upon the Lightening port in order to allow users to insert their headphones.

That will also mean all the expensive headphones they have bought from third-party sellers will be made obsolete. It’s indeed worth thanking Apple for keeping the 3.5mm port on the iPhone SE untouched.


iPhone SE Back
We’re extremely used to carrying phones in your pockets these days. However, devices like the iPhone SE make the task easier than ever due to their portable nature. Sized at just 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm, it’s a treat to hold in your hands.

Needless to say, it can be easily operated with just one hand. No matter how much you try, phones with larger displays always demand your second hand’s attention at some point of time. With the iPhone SE, that certainly won’t be the case given its 4-inch thumb-friendly display.

And despite having an aluminum body, it still manages to keep its overall weight down to 113gms which is remarkable. If you’ve ever used the iPhone 5S, you’ll feel right at home with the SE, as it’s designed exactly the same.

Due to Apple’s excessive focus on achieving incredible thinness, its iPhone 6S models suffer from bumps in the areas that house their cameras. That’s again not the case with the iPhone SE, which is another advantage, especially for those who like to keep their phones on the table while typing their messages once in a while.

Old cases will fit

iPhone SE Cases
Since the iPhone SE borrows its design from the 5S model, all the cases meant for the latter will fit just fine on the new device. That not only means you won’t be needed to purchase a new one if you used to own a 5S, but it also means that old cases which are selling at much lower costs right now can be grabbed right away.

This also helps manufacturers of these cases to keep the cost down, since they can keep using the same machines and processes they have been using for the iPhone 5S till now.

We’re not sure at the moment, but since normal cases of the previous-gen device are fitting snugly on the iPhone SE, we’re guessing that battery cases will do the same as well. Apart from offering protection to the handset, these cases also come with their own batteries to act as power banks when you’re short on juice.

The price

iPhone SE Price
No iPhone has ever been this cheap. $399 is basically a steal for the phone you’re getting. The only factor that you must be concerned about is whether you’re going to be fine with the 4-inch display that it tags along. While it’s a great feature for some, those with large hands or those who love larger screens will definitely be finding themselves struggling while operating it.

But for the former breed, their hard earned $399 (or $499 for the 64GB model) will get them an incredible deal. That’s because, barring the small display, most of the features that this phone adopts can only be found in the iPhone 6S which costs $649.

These include the 12MP camera, the A9 processor, 2GB of RAM, Apple Pay support, a fingerprint scanner and Hey Siri support as well. The only major thing that’s missing is the 3D Touch functionality which makes the display a little more pushy for additional interface options.

There are many iPhone lovers all over the world who find it difficult to come up with more than $600 in order to buy the latest Apple smartphone. It’s these people who will be incredibly happy to purchase the iPhone SE when it’s out.