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7 RealPlayer Alternatives

Looking for a RealPlayer alternative that will perfectly complement all your media content stored on your PC? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve stocked up on a plethora of software that does just that. With any of the following applications accommodated in your computer, you can kick back and enjoy watching your favorite movies and listening to foot-tapping tunes minus any hassles. The choices available out there are by the dozen. However, for your convenience, we’ve listed out only the acme bunch of them. Take a peek.

1 – VLC:


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Since its initial release more than 10 years ago, audiophiles and movie buffs have turned to this orange and white striped traffic cone delight for all their entertainment needs. In turn, the open-source cross-platform gem doesn’t disappoint, with its comprehensive slew of interesting features under its name. For one, VLC claims to support a wide variety of video and audio file formats along with VCDs, DVDs and other types of streaming.

As the developer reveals, you won’t have to scout the scene for external codec packs as the software has the ability to run codecs like MKV, MPEG-2, WMV, H.264, MP3, DivX, and WebM as well as perform conversions and streaming. The program is further compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix systems.

2 – MPC – HC:

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This next entrant is noted to be an extremely lightweight solution that has the ability to support common audio and video file formats. Furthermore, the MPC – HC maker reveals that it can even be used as a DVB option when the need arises. You’ll even be able to seamlessly personalize various aspects of this software via the custom toolbars. The open-source virtual treat is translated into nearly 2 dozen languages like traditional and simplified Chinese, French, Italian, Armenian, German, Polish, Slovak, Russian and Hungarian. And unlike the previous apps like RealPlayer, this one is only available for Windows XP, Vista, 8 and 7.

3 – Winamp:

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Besides allowing you to simply soak in audio tunes, Winamp even lets you play podcasts, videos and internet radio via your PC. Some of the features roped in here read as taskbar controls, iTunes library support and even a major podcast overhaul. The entertainment solution also proffers support for 60 audio and video formats like AAC, MOD, MP2, MP4, OGG, WAV, WMV, FLAC, MIDI, FLV, MKV, OKT, WMA, WPL, ASX, MTM, MP3, VOC and M3U.

YouTube video

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You can even take advantage of wireless desktop sync in case you own an Android-powered handset and the mobile version of this software. And while this one might be free to procure, the Pro edition comes with a $19.95 price tag.

4 – Media Monkey:

Media Monkey

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Here’s another free program that allows you to get down with the funky beats via your Windows PC. With this inclusion in our programs similar to RealPlayer array, you can easily manage different audio and video genres, record CDs, play MP3s and download music, podcasts and movies. What’s more, with MediaMonkey you’ll also be able to convert your data bits into a variety of file formats like FLAC, OGG, WMA, M4A, MP4, WMV, AVI and MP3.

YouTube video

You can even add a personalized touch, all thanks to the customizable plugins, skins, visualizations, and user-written scripts. Having a little get-together with friends? Well, Media Monkey would be a great opportunity to exploit the Auto-DJ and Party Mode. If you’re interested in the Gold version, its scheme starts at just under $25.

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5 – GOM:


This interesting virtual treat forays onto the scene with the ability to comply with a host of popular video formats such as FLV, MOV, AVI, MP4, MKV, and WMV, as well as audio types like M4A, OGG, MP3 AND AAC. What’s more, the brains behind GOM have also thrown into the amalgamation of integrated codecs and a Codec Finder service that does the job of finding absent codecs.

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Some of the many attributes you bargain for include advanced filter controls, screen capture, video speed control, audio capture, and a neat skinnable interface. Additionally, the software even lets you enjoy AVI content that’s broken or incomplete.

6 – Kantaris:


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The free, open-source software lets you enjoy all your favorite films by hitting the online space to find subtitles for all your desired videos. Sporting a smart, user-friendly interface, this contender in our apps like RealPlayer provides beautiful music visualizations. And as you might have already guessed, Kantaris is also compatible with almost all formats out there. Lastly, the maker states that it proffers integration with Apple movies trailers and Last.fm.

7 – QuickTime:


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Our final gem emerges from the house of Apple and zooms right onto the scene with a whole slew of interesting attributes. Besides letting you enjoy high-quality videos irrespective of whether they are plucked from the internet or desktop, QuickTime even complies with popular audio and video formats. Furthermore, the program comes complete with advanced video compression technology as well as a simple user interface. Finally, this one can be employed via your Windows or Mac OS X PCs.


Want to hold a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movie marathon? Having some friends over for a Pitbull party? Well, a RealPlayer alternative would be your one-stop shop for tackling all these activities and then some. Now while they are all free to procure, you might just have to shell out a few bucks to acquire the Pro versions for a couple of them. So which ones are you planning to acquire? Well, don’t hesitate to leave your desired mentions in the space allotted just below.

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