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Are you really gonna touch this iPad?

We thought iPad accessories couldn’t get pottier than the iPotty for kids. You know, that questionable equipment (second picture) for training your young ones how to go? Well, the same company has also come out with yet another ‘innovation’ in bathroom decor simply called the Pedestal Stand for iPad.

Spoiled your kids with the iPotty? Better get them this for when they have to start using regular bathrooms. It can hold 3rd and 4th generation iPads and is 32 inches tall.

CTA Digital iPad Pedestal Stand

The chrome colored stand is built from metal and 10 inches of its top section is bendable so that you can adjust it according to your preferred viewing angle. Obviously, there’s an option to get it with a toilet paper roll holder or it’d beat the entire point of this exhibit.


We wouldn’t touch that stand, let alone the iPad on it with a 10-foot pole. TUAW has a link to the manufacturing company, CTA Digital’s product page if you’re interested anyway. The whole setup weighs 7.2lbs and there’s a base with a diameter measuring 7.5 inches to keep it steady.

TMNT iPad Stand

While we’re talking about fun iPad stuff, just in case you were wondering about ways to encourage your tiny tots to stay indoors and hide from the big bad world, CTA’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inflatable sports car (pictured above) on Amazon should do it.