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Readius, the First Ever Mobile Phone with 5-inch Fold-Out Display unveiled

Readius Mobile Phone with 5-inch Fold-Out Display

Polymer Vision has launched a new truly innovative mobile phone dubbed the Readius. The reason we termed as “truly innovative” is because this device has been developed by merging two gadget interfaces into one. In one gizmo itself, users can find the features of a mobile phone and an e-book reader’s functionality. And believe it or not, the handset includes only 8 buttons!

Merely the size of two business cards, Readius bundles a screen which can be folded out when users want to read something on it, and folded up when idle. When the screen is unfolded, a full screen larger than the actual device is unveiled.

Readius comes with an electronic paper display that can show black-and-white texts and images, quite similar to that printed on paper.

It can also be connected online with a 3G network offering high data speeds. Several things such as setting up e-mail accounts, news sources, podcasts, audio books and blog feeds from the comfort of your home onto your PC or lappy. The data can later be transferred to the Readius handset.

Polymer Vision, which spun out of electronics giant Philips in late 2006 further maintained that future models could possibly be bundled with a keypad as well.

Key features of the Readius Handset include:

  • 5-inch screen
  • 3G HSDPA tri-band phone
  • e-Reader capability
  • Weight – 115 grams
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • Micro SD slot, with up to 8-GB of flash storage
  • 30 hours reading time off a single charge
  • Polymer Vision’s multipurpose Readius is slated to hit shelves by mid-2008.

    So are you getting ready to check your e-mails, get the latest news and perhaps check your blog too on this uber-compact Readius?