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Read It Later now called Pocket, available for free

Pocket App 1

The popular Read It Later application’s latest upgrade witnessed the software being renamed Pocket and the price being dropped to nothing. Android, Kindle Fire, iPhone as well as iPad users can now dabble in the benefits that the app has to offer for no cost at all.

When individuals discover videos, articles and other interesting multimedia content on the web and don’t have the time to go through it, then they can employ Pocket to save this data to be read at a later hour. It not only makes this content available on any device, but also provides access to the same even when offline. Furthermore, through the app, this content can be saved on other applications such as Pulse, Flipboard and Zite as well as Twitter.

“Nearly five items every second are saved to Pocket from the web and popular news apps, including videos, articles, recipes and more,” shares Nate Weiner, founder of Read it Later and creator of Pocket. “Pocket is the perfect name for our latest version as it expresses how simple it is to take any content users discover with them, no matter where they go.”

Pocket App 2

The upgrade brings in an enhanced UI to proffer an improved viewing experience of sorts along with easy utility. The content brought to the application can now be organized seamlessly and found by means of keywords or other custom tags. Users can also ‘favorite’ the important articles or other data for quick access.

Read It Later, which is now Pocket, is available for download on iTunes App Store, Google Play as well as for Kindle Fire users for free.