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RDP Monitoring: And Why Your Company Needs It

rdp What is RDP?

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol that’s used for desktop and remote management. It’s used to help managers monitor their employees who work remotely or far away from the office. With RDP, you can diagnose and fix problems that your system might encounter.

The protocol allows users to have remote access via port 3389. It works by an RDP service package or application where the data is transmitted. And Microsoft’s Communications Service sends that data to an RDP channel. There, the operating system will encrypt the data and place it on a frame where it can be transmitted.

What Are the Benefits of RDP Monitoring?

RDP software is a great way to help your company view the activities of your employers in an organized and effective manner. Here are some benefits to consider when seeking your first Remote Desktop Protocol for your company.

Cost Savings

Usually, investing in technology takes a toll on the company’s budget. It takes thousands of dollars to create a technology-based solution that solves your business’ problems. You can reduce this cost by using an RDP monitoring service. Also, you don’t have to pay for staff to maintain the server or pay monthly fees to create a server. RDP software saves you hundreds of dollars as your employees can bring their own devices and still be monitored effectively.


One benefit of having a remote desktop is the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to install additional software on your computer, and the data is in one location that’s easy to see. This also prevents the need to travel with USB drives and external hard drives to store your information.


Your entire network can be managed in one location making it easier to track employee progress and delegate work to specific users. And, you can restrict your employee’s access so that they can only see certain items on a desktop. You’ll find it easier to manage your entire network using a remote desktop connection.

Increased Security

When your data is virtualized, security is necessary for success. You don’t want software that can accidentally put your information at risk. When you use a service to make a remote desktop connection, you’ll need a group of professionals to help maintain the server.

They’ll ensure that the environment has the latest security patches and updates so it can run smoothly. You should not have to worry about your data being infiltrated by third parties or breached. Now you’ll have an environment that protects your data and recovers your information if it’s lost.

In fact, having a remote desktop gives you enhanced security features that allow your data to stay protected. You can use advanced key encryption to protect your information when transmitted data. RDP software allows you to see who is connected to the business and how you can manage their access to your network.

Closing Remarks

When it comes to the efficiency of your network, you need to have the best software available. With RDP monitoring, you give your company the ability to manage each of the workers that are currently involved in your project. Once you find the best software, you’ll find it easier to get your team on track and safe from any internal and external threats.