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RCA Small Wonder MyLife EZ200, Pocket EZ205, Traveler EZ210 Cameras will save your pocket

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If you were planning to purchase the latest camera and were apprehensive to buy one due to low weight in your pockets, then RCA’s three new cameras named Small Wonder MyLife EZ200, Small Wonder Pocket EZ205 and Small Wonder Traveler EZ210 will give you the ‘Say Cheese’ Smile.

Each of these cameras although low on price, do not compromise on their qualities. The trio will give a great click at price ranging from just $89 to $149 USD. Here’s zooming closer to the specifications of each of these cameras.

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Small Wonder MyLife EZ200 features a 1.5-inch LCD flip-out screen and allows you to record more with its 1GB microSD card that records approximately 30 minutes of video and if 1GB isn’t sufficient, pump up the camera further with a 8GB microSD card. The camera presents itself in shades of black and is compact in size, which can be best for a travel.

Small Wonder Pocket EZ205 records off again with a 1.5-inch flip-out display and 1GB microSD card memory and adds in optional exact-fit custom skins from SkinIt for personalization of the gadget and features a silver color casing which is quite a standard color for a camera.

The Small Wonder Traveler EZ210 is the priciest of the lot which flashes off its unique green color and lets you record with a larger 2.4-inch color LCD screen. The EZ210 packs in a 2GB SD card that record up to 60 / 240 minutes of video in high quality. The device is Splash resistant and packs up removable carrying and attachment clips, shock-proof battery contacts, carrying case, TV/AV input cables, wrist strap and AA batteries.

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The prices of these affordable cameras are their unique selling points with the Small Wonder MyLife EZ200 costing $89, Small Wonder Pocket EZ205 priced at $99.99 and the Small Wonder Traveler EZ210 carries a price tag of $149.99. All of the above mentioned three cameras are expected to arrive while you enjoy the summer of the US.

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